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Virtual-CFO Services Dubai

Virtual CFO Services in Dubai, UAE

We offer highly experienced Outsourced CFO’s at your disposal and only when you need it. You control when the tap is turned on and when the tap is turned off, keeping your fixed costs to a minimum.

We can provide this service at a cost-effective rate to start ups looking to put in place a budget process and new systems, to a medium size firm looking for a finance team restructure, looking to raise debt or equity capital or ERP system implementation.  Our team of CFOs as well as highly skilled Finance Managers can also be used by Family Office and VC and other investment platforms to both assist the firms you have invested in as well as create uniform financial reporting around your investments.  In addition, we also provide interim- CFO services for larger firms that need this position filled for a period of time or during a restructure.


A CFO is typically responsible for managing the day-to-day activities related to the accounting, finance and tax aspects of a business. A good CFO is forward-looking, strategic, constantly forecasting future cash flows and financial performance so that resource requirements, including financing facilities, can be identified and addressed well in advance of their requirement.


Businesses face an increasingly competitive, complex operating environment and much heavier demands can be placed on it by regulatory & compliance legislations. This, coupled with the increasingly technical nature of global accounting standards, mean that many businesses find they need access to high-level financial management but simply do not have the critical mass to justify hiring their own CFO, or to incur the fees of the ‘Big Four’ accounting firms to support them. Others find the short-term nature of the requirement makes hiring a vCFO impractical.

We offer flexible and professional financial management, tailored to the needs of your business at a price that your business can justify.


We provide you with highly experienced CFO’s on a part-time basis. You decide how much time you need the vCFO and over what time period. You only pay for the time he/she spends with you. You decide on the remit and the vCFO’s objectives and deliverables.
As part of your senior management team, the vCFO is a strategic partner as well your business advisor, agent for change and, in some instances, mentor. He/she will of course be hands-on, getting to grips with all aspects of the finance and administration of the business and other areas you may wish them to be involved in.
As an individual who has had an extensive and varied career, the Re/think vCFO will have experienced similar issues to those that your business is facing and will draw upon that specific experience as well as other areas of best practice to make an immediate impact.
The vCFO can carry your company’s business card if you wish and represent your company at important meetings with investors, banks, clients, suppliers etc. To the outside world your Re/think vCFO will appear as one of the team – no different from your full-time employees.

Please make an enquiry to find out more and speak to a senior member of our team.

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