Venture Capital & Private Equity


At Re/think, we believe that our business model provides a core and added value service to venture capital & private equity players who wants to grow their activity in the UAE.  By partnering with Re/think, you will find a cost-effective solution for your SME investments and acquisitions.  Our boutique service and experience level means delivery of an exceptional service at prices well below the Big 4 and other expensive service providers.  More importantly, our clients will see firsthand how we tailor each engagement to their specific needs.

How do we create value for you and your investment?

  1. Due diligence and valuation services for SME acquisitions.  Re/think services include providing a deep dive due diligence on the existing business and its assets, analyzing, challenging future growth targets, highlighting risk/ weaknesses, and providing recommendations on how controls and operations can be improved should the investment is made.
  2. Our core services of financial system implementation, monthly reporting, KPI tracking, and vCFO advisory services will give you the means to have control over single or multiple investments, without having to build out your own complementary teams of CFOs and analysts.
  3. Our vCFO services for your larger investments will allow you to use executive level CFOs to manage, advise, and accelerate your investment portfolio, while you concentrate on your core business activities.

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