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Re/think provides tax advisory, optimization, implementation, registration, compliance, and training services in the UAE, Bahrain, and other GCC countries. Our team of senior qualified tax advisors, finance experts, and tax accountants are here to guide you through the Value Added Tax and Corporate Tax law and regulations which will ensure timely and cost-effective tax services for SMEs. Our teams can also perform periodic tax compliance (“filings”) required under the law and ongoing advisory as your business grows and rules regarding tax framework become more complex.


Re/think tax services are aimed to suit both simple submissions for SMEs to complex submissions for larger enterprises.


Based on our in-depth understanding on the impact VAT has on SME’s generally, topped with the vision of likely VAT design parameters in the GCC…

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Understanding your VAT registration requirements and liaising with the FTA authorities can become complex and time-consuming…

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Our tax team will work with your internal finance personnel to complete and file your VAT returns and assist you in solving any disagreements…

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Our finance and tax team can help you adapt or implement the necessary accounting systems, including all corporate and business…

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Our finance and tax team can undertake VAT Health Checks for your business where we will review the tax positions, compliance, reporting procedures …

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Re/think offers support during all stages of VAT Audit conducted by the Tax authorities. We assist our clients in preparing the relevant documentation…

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We assist in identifying the roles of stakeholders in your business and teach them how to incorporate VAT considerations with their everyday activities…

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