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Re/think start up hub has been created to cater to our largest client group of UAE and Bahrain based entrepreneurs, as well as international SMEs looking to build out operations in the region. We believe that to have the greatest chance for success, our start up clients need a strong ecosystem of advisors, services providers, access to incubators, and access to investors. Our years in the UAE supporting the local ecosystem, combined with our tech and SME background and focus in Europe, GCC, and the US, helps to bring access to this ecosystem.

We support and partner with a number of incubators in the region, as well as Family Offices, VC, PE firms across the globe to assist you.

Our clients and how Re/think and our strategic partners can help:


  • Setting up the right entity in the right jurisdiction
  • Start up and entrepreneur
  • Working on a Founder’s agreement
  • Market studies
  • Business Plan assistant
  • Light touch CFO advisory services
  • Accounting, system set up, VAT implementation
  • Introductions to incubation centers where appropriate

Raised Angel Investment (friends and family)

  • Creation of Financial model for valuation
  • Create initial investor presentation
  • Shareholder agreements
  • CFO advisory during raise process
  • CMO (Chief Marketing Officer services)
  • Potential introductions to companies that raise funds or invest

Series A

  • Produce financial statements
  • Provide assistance with raising of any debt for cash flow management
  • Track and monitor reporting and KPIs to present to the board and investors
  • Provide CFO and HR Consultancy to ensure teams, systems, and processes are in place for growth stage
  • Recruitment of key personnel both before and after raise
  • Potential introductions to companies, family offices, and funds that advise on investment or invest directly
  • Provide contacts for cost effective legal support during raise process

Exit / Acquisition

  • Assist internal team in Due Diligence prep
  • Prepare a financial model and valuation
  • CFO advisory around exit strategy
  • Ensure you have the right Legal support during exit
  • Assist in managing negotiations with the buying party

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