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Start-Up & Entrepreneur Support Services in Dubai


Re/think’s suite of services have been tailored made with the startup & entrepreneur in mind. Re/think provides a cost-effective solution to start up, investment, and high growth stage companies. Through the mix of our CFO advisory services, system implementation, HR, structuring, and accounting and reporting services, we ensure that you have the correct set up and internal controls to bring in friends and family, as well as high level investors.


Set up a simple inexpensive accounting and reporting system, that can be maintained at a minimum cost by senior level finance professionals.

Creation of business plans, valuations, investor presentations, and advice on how to best present your plan to investors.

Assistance with advice on the process of raising funds from friends & family to outside investors. Minimize legal fees and obtain strategic advice on how to structure the deal with investors, including negotiation of terms and conditions, options for convertible shares, creating the correctly structured legal entity, and strategy on where to hold the company’s assets (IP, trademark, technology, etc.).

Reporting to shareholders in a timely and meaningful fashion. By using Re/think to do your monthly reporting, you will give comfort to investors that their investment is being tracked and they are being well informed by management. This will not only make investors happy, but also it will attract investors and create value for your company.

Assistance with strategic growth plans and connecting with the right 3rd parties. Our advisory services will help you create a roadmap for your business, guide you through implementing best in class reporting, HR, staffing, and legal set up, as well as introduce you to 3rd parties, that will help accelerate your growth.

As with all our services, we are always happy to give a free consultation and to discuss your project in detail, before we discuss any fees. Our company’s philosophy is to support SME’s and entrepreneurs throughout the UAE and provide them with the best information and advisory services to start or grow their business. We are confident that at some point in your success we will be able to add value, or point you towards the best people who can.

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