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Platinum VA

Platinum VA is the regional outsourced administrative services company committed to provide comprehensive, confidential and error-free solutions for businesses. Platinum VA is geared to support clients in several ways – be it outsourcing administrative staff that support senior executives, to administrative support to multiple departments and even outsourcing the entire department to us. Our multidisciplinary team combined with vast regional experience answer the most challenging administrative problems with ease. We are right here in the UAE and partner with our clients to bring agility, flexibility and competitive advantage in their businesses.

Gulf Business Consulting

Gulf Business Consulting is a management consultancy focused on services such as Corporate Strategy, Business Development, Trade Missions, Sales & Marketing, Export Management outsourcing, Company set-up and Benchmarking.

Azarmehr Law Group

Azarmehr Law Group – Strategic partnership to promote cross border investment and support of business set up in the UAE and US


M/HQ is a multi-service platform catering to a broad spectrum of clients, from individual entrepreneurs, family run SMEs to multinational corporations. It is a one-stop-shop offering unique services in the Middle East: a holistic and cross-disciplinary combination of a market-leading corporate services firm with a law firm’s specialist structuring expertise all on one single platform. They offer services such as Business setup & Restructuring, Family Offices Advisory, Private Wealth Advisory, and Wills, Foundations etc. Headquartered in the UAE, they are an entrepreneurial firm for entrepreneurial clients.

RAA Auditing

RAA Auditing with an eye on quality delivery of Audits has staffs who are internationally trained and experienced across many jurisdictions throughout the world. The prime focus of their business is through SME and medium sized companies within Dubai, but also have a presence and reach throughout the UAE.


A fast growing US based professional service firm in accounting and advisory solutions with branches in US, India and Dubai.


DD Ready

DD-Ready is a platform that allows the streamlining of the due diligence purpose allowing both entrepreneurs and investors to move fast towards funding rounds. With DD-Ready™, investors effectively manage their due diligence teams and deal flow. A customized Dashboard gives investors a snapshot of all their target companies and their progress at a single glance. Timelines, costs and risks are dramatically lessened – and sometimes eliminated.

Beyond Legal

Beyond Legal is an innovative, agile and customer-centric boutique legal consultancy firm aiming to deliver smart and independent advise in a pragmatic and cost-effective manner.

WTS Global

Rethink is partnered with WTS Global, a global entity that supports mandates on all tax issues irrespective of the country.

Corporate Business Services

The Corporate Group (TCG) offers companies and professionals the ability to operate within an international regulatory framework with their own corporate governance and legislative infrastructure in the UAE and the region. The services offered through CBS include business setup, Company formation.

IBG Consulting Middle East

IBG Consulting Middle East is a consultancy established in Dubai with an international group of consultants with years of local and global expertise in company set up (onshore and offshore), providing corporate and administrative services.

Banks Legal

Banks Legal is an established boutique legal consulting firm operating in the UAE. Banks Group has two divisions, Banks Legal, providing legal services, and Banks Corporate Services, providing corporate and administration services for clients within the group.

Amicorp Group

Amicorp Group is a global provider of company secretarial and fiduciary services. They provide entity administration services including company, trust and fund administration services, assurance services, and outsourcing services.

Spring Coaching

Spring Coaching offers dynamic and highly qualified professionals for business coaching with a proven track record in executing coaching for corporate and executive teams to achieve world class results.

Haiwai Solutions

Haiwai Solutions offers operational solutions in the field of people management, legal, administration and public relations.

Dubai Opera

Dubai Opera embraces the creative heart of the city, producing and hosting the finest, most authentic, and engaging performing arts experiences from Dubai and the world.

Rethink has been a corporate member still the inception of Dubai Opera.

Andarakis Advisory Services DMCC

A consultancy with the proven ability to lead and succeed in delivering holistic solutions for growing business along with creative arm adds value to ensure consistency and unparalleled quality.

IBG Digital

IBG is a Digital Marketing Agency and an SEO Company based in Dubai. Their expertise includes, SEO (local, on-page, off-page), SEO Strategy, E Commerce SEO and SEO reporting.

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