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Re/Think Internal Audit Service

The objective of the internal audit is to help management with an objective analysis, recommendations and relevant comments concerning any phase of the business activity that will be of service in running the business more efficiently.

benefits of an Internal audit

  • Evaluate their internal controls
  • Evaluate process performance
  • Identify deviations from management KPI’s
  • Recommendations for process and control improvements to achieve organizational goals
  • Assess business requirements and objectives
  • Evaluate evidence in connection with any business issues

what an internal audit may include

  • Revenue management and recognition
  • Procurement of goods and services
  • Inventory management and supplier engagement
  • Logistics
  • Operational performance
  • Financial management, reporting and KPI evaluation
  • Administration

Internal audit is a continuous operation and its scope does not end with the delivery of the findings report. All observations critical to the business will be highlighted to management to set further course of action. Continuous improvement will be the aim of the management team with the internal audit function being the basis against which this objective can be measured.

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