In the era of globalization and digitalization where a lot of data have become readily available and transferred across borders, the protection of data has become significantly important. The firms established in UAE must set obligations requiring that personal data be processed fairly, lawfully, securely and for a specified and legitimate purpose. While these data are important in terms of providing services, mismanagement of personal data (whether knowingly or unknowingly) could have significant impact including identity theft for individuals, card related fraud, penalties, reputational loss for the businesses, etc. In order to ensure adequate data protection, developing and implementing privacy policies across businesses is now a norm within any regulatory framework.

In this regard, Rethink shall assist you in understanding the requirements and arrangements to ensure compliance with data protection regulations. Our approach places significant importance on ensuring that our clients fully understand their obligations on data protection and privacy as part and parcel to establishing effective corporate governance. We are able to help your business:

  • Evaluate existing and required data protection arrangements to ensure resources are adequate to the firm’s nature, scale, size, and complexity
  • Draft tailored policies and procedures aligned with the businesses’ data protection obligations
  • Act as outsourced function for Data Protection Officer
  • Implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect Personal Data against accidental loss or damage or destruction of such data

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