Corporate Services Firms

Corporate Services firms, please contact us to discuss how we can work together to build out your offering, create new revenue lines of business, and ensure your internal compliance processes and reporting requirements are met.

Re/think has partnered with a number of corporate service firms in the UAE to provide our services to your platform of clients. By providing top services at competitive prices to your clients, we help you add value to the offering you can provide to your clients. Re/think acts as a knowledge center for your CS staff, and help you find efficiencies by centralizing your client requirements for support services.

We have multiple methods of partnering together. It is possible to integrate the offering through your own billing, direct to clients. Or your team can introduce clients directly for services you don’t perform.

Re/think can assist you in ensuring your compliance process is up to speed, assisting you to implement a Code of Conduct, KYC policies and procedures as well as other compliance management tools. We specialize in providing support for all Bi-annual reports due to be submitted to the Central Bank. Most recently, we are assisting CS firms in filing ESR “Economic Substance Reporting”, where support is required.

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