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Business Setup in Dubai | Company Formation in UAE


Rethink has partnered with a number of select firms to provide a full range of company set up services in Dubai and throughout the UAE, as well as in many of the well-known structuring jurisdictions.  Through our 3rdparty partners, our platform is able to provide a full range of structuring solutions for business set up.

For multi-national companies looking to enter the market as well as entrepreneurs and SMEs, our platform is the ideal solution, providing all of legal, company set up and operational support.  This combination will ensure a smooth entry to market with an on the ground key contact providing you with full guidance.

Our strategic partner M/HQ is a leading multi-fiduciary platform providing legal, corporate and administrative services catering to successful individuals, international families and corporate clients.  By partnering with a corporate service firm that has qualified lawyers providing company set up structuring advice, we are able to set ourselves apart from the competition, while at the same time remaining competitive on pricing.

We have also partnered with a small number of niche firms provided corporate sponsorship for Mainland companies looking for the protection of a corporate vs. local sponsorship.

You may find below an outline of our services provided by the Re/think team directly.  All non-regulated company incorporations and setups will be provided by our strategic partner firms.

Please make an enquiry to find out more and speak to a senior member of our team.


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