Business Centers & Incubator


Partnering with Business Centers and Incubators is a core strategy of Re/think.  Our services provide a value-added proposition for your clients, streamlined workflows between our two teams, and additional revenue lines for your business.  There are many ways we look to partner with Business Centers and Incubators.

Re/think and its integrated partners provide presentations to your clients on topics ranging from succession planning, structuring legal entities for investor funds, creating investor presentations, compliance, and many other topics of interest for your clients.

Re/think can become a preferred 3rd party provider of services and be directly introduced to your clients, with a retrocession agreement in place as part of the partnership.

A more integrated option will be to offer our services by yourselves, with Re/think providing the services in the background as part of your team.

A partnership with Re/think will in turn promote your business and incubator center to our legal and corporate service partnerships, which often advise and provide company set up services in the UAE.

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