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OPINION: UAE’s Strong Commitment to AML Compliance: DNFBPs Beware!

Since the issuance of a report on the UAE in 2020 by the global money laundering and terrorist financing watchdog, the Financial Action Task Force (“FATF’) (see: FATF Mutual Evaluation Report on the UAE released), the UAE has taken significant steps to increase the effectiveness of the UAE’s anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing (“AML/CFT”) system. In […]

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RE/THINK – We Are Expanding!

DIFC / ADGM Regulatory and Compliance Authorizations Outsourced Finance Officer, Compliance Officer and MLRO Outsourced Accounting Corporate Tax Advisory and Compliance VAT Advisory and Compliance HR Advisory Outsourced Payroll Management Financial and Tax Due Diligence Financial Modelling and Business Valuation Outsourced CFO Services Since 2014, we have supported regulated entities as well as small and […]

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UAE Compliance Update: Kudos to the DIFC on the record-breaking growth driven by Fintech & Innovation!

Established in 2004, the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) has become a leading financial hub for the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia (MEASA) region. It has also become one of the world’s most advanced financial centres, with a population of 3 billion people and a GDP of $8 trillion. Moreover, it houses more than […]

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HR Update: DMCC member firms — Mandatory WPS Implementation

What is WPS: WPS [Wage Protection System] is a digital payment of salary transfer through Banks / Exchange Bureaus / financial institutions approved by the UAE Central Bank. Newly Mandatory for DMCC Companies: All DMCC Member firms must Register employees with active employment visas or Personal Identity Card (PIC) under each company Effect salary payments through […]

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Ministry of Finance confirms the threshold of AED 375,000

Businesses are subject to UAE Corporate Tax beginning from the financial year starting on or after 01st June 2023. As per Article 3 of UAE Corporate Tax Law, the Corporate Tax would be imposed at 9% on an income exceeding a threshold to be specified by the Cabinet. Cabinet Decision 116 of 2022, recently made […]

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DMCC implements WPS

In an announcement to its clientele, DMCC has informed on the implementation of WPS. This is in effect from January whereby registration must be done for all employees with active employment visa or Personal Identity Card (PIC) under each company with salary payment effected before February 15, 2023. WPS or the Wage Protection System is […]

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