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Regulatory & Compliance Authorization Services

During authorization process a regulator assesses whether a Firm is ready to be an authorized Firm. Hence, preparing an application for authorization with a regulator is a process of paramount importance. Our team assists you in understanding the compliance set-up requirements in the UAE (including DIFC/DFSA, SCA, ADGM and Central Bank) and preparing your regulatory business plan for both simple and complex organisations. Our approach places significant importance in ensuring that our clients fully understand their options.

  • We work closely with applicant firms to ensure their business control environment is clearly explained throughout the application process;
  • We Liaise with regulators on your behalf as necessary.
  • We will advise you on regulatory expectations concerning your control environment;
  • We support you on documenting your policies and procedures; and
  • We assist you with preparation for potential application interviews.

Please make an enquiry to find out more and speak to a senior member of our team.

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