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ADGM FINANCIAL REGULATED ENTITIES  – 21st JUNE ADGM NON REGULATED ENTITIES – 30th JUNE All other ADGM non-regulated entities (e.g. Foundations, SPV’s) conducting ‘Investment Activities” may fall within the scope of FATCA / CRS reporting and have until 30th June to register and file (if applicable) via the Ministry of Finance portal. Significant administrative penalties […]

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Newsflash — Dubai issues New Law (No.9 of 2022) to regulate the provision of digital services

The new law mandates government entities, judicial authorities and non-government entities in Dubai to provide digital services in Arabic, English and other languages to their customers within the next year. The technical requirements of the new law will be published on the Digital Dubai Authority’s website. Subject to the approval of the relevant authorities and […]

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UAE’s Regulatory Ecosystem for Crypto Assets

Serious innovators, fintech enthusiasts, digital services operators, investors, businesses and entrepreneurs in search of the right digital marketplace can look to the UAE for a favourable to organise and carry out their affairs. With a framework of laws, policies and secure state-of-the-art infrastructure for digital services, complemented by pervasive smart government programmes, the UAE’s regulatory […]

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Newsflash – ADGM FSRA consults on proposals for revising fees for late submission of regulatory returns

The Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) of Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) has published a consultation paper to seek views on revising fees for the late submission of regulatory returns. This Consultation Paper should be of particular interest to all entities that are required to submit regulatory returns to the FSRA, whether they are authorised […]

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Compliance Alert: Shining a light: What is the Self-Certification Form (SCF) about?

What is the FATCA/CRS self-certification all about? There are two scenarios in which FATCA/CRS self-certification are required in UAE. The first is where the Regulator initiates the request in order to determine which legal entities should be filing annual reports with the Ministry of Finance. The second is where the financial institution, which has an obligation […]

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