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ADGM FINANCIAL REGULATED ENTITIES  – 21st JUNE ADGM NON REGULATED ENTITIES – 30th JUNE All other ADGM non-regulated entities (e.g. Foundations, SPV’s) conducting ‘Investment Activities” may fall within the scope of FATCA / CRS reporting and have until 30th June to register and file (if applicable) via the Ministry of Finance portal. Significant administrative penalties can be levied […]

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RE/THINK – We Are Expanding!

DIFC / ADGM Regulatory and Compliance Authorizations Outsourced Finance Officer, Compliance Officer and MLRO Outsourced Accounting Corporate Tax Advisory and Compliance VAT Advisory and Compliance HR Advisory Outsourced Payroll Management Financial and Tax Due Diligence Financial Modelling and Business Valuation Outsourced CFO Services Since 2014, we have supported regulated entities as well as small and […]

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The Role of the Finance Officer (FO)

Overview: All regulated entities in the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) are required to designate a Finance Officer (FO) to oversee the Finance & Accounting function to ensure compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and relevant DFSA rules as contained in the PIB. The FO is an Authorised Individual under DFSA regulations and acts as regulators […]

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