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“Tend to the people, and they will tend to the business.” – John Maxwell

At Re/think, we offer a full range of HR consultancy and outsourcing services to provide you with practicable best practices that fit the size and complexity of your business, guidance on local employment laws and regulations, and expert advice on hiring, retaining, motivating, and managing employees. We believe the success of your business is largely dependent on the development of the people within.

The HR function is the most strategically and operationally important functions for a successful company.  Often the largest cost for companies are the employees of the company, yet the how this asset is deployed, trained, retained, and optimized is considered an administrative function.

At Re/think we help transform this function from one that is administrative, to a function that drives value for the business.  We support this process through implementing of best practices, creation of processes, and roll out of initiatives.  We believe the true value is in outsourcing senior oversight, continuous training, and ongoing improvements to the HR function.


HR Advisory

  • HR Health Check (Audit of existing policies and procedures)
  • HR Strategy Development
  • Compensation and Benefit planning
  • Employee Engagement (surveys, awards, team events)
  • Consultation on best practices in HR (UAE specific)
  • Design and Implementation of HR Processes
  • Employee Lifecyle (Performance Management, Succession planning, Career Development)
  • HR Systems

HR On-call Operational Support

  • Review & implementation of work policies and procedures and verify compliance with regulations and best practices
  • Management of employee records, compensation packages, and contracts
  • Leave Management
  • Periodic meetings with owner/management team
  • Ongoing access to HR phone & email service to respond to general queries and operational issues
  • UAE Compliant Employment Contracts (preparation and advisory)

 HR Managed Services

  • Customized management training for Learning and Development
  • Job evaluation and compensation based on job descriptions
  • Organizational structure and role alignment
  • Job evaluation and Grading
  • Review & Develop a reward structure that addresses compensation, benefits, recognition and appreciation (employer brand and employee communication)
  • PRO Visa Processing Services

HR Policy and Procedures

  • Employee Handbook
  • Time and Attendance or Working Hours
  • Leave Policy & Forms
  • Code of Business Conduct & Ethics
  • Discipline, Grievance, and Capability Policies and Guidelines
  • On boarding – Process, Policy and Forms
  • Reimbursement Policy & Forms
  • Recruitment Policy & Forms 

Management and Executive coaching 

Re/think has partnered with top coaching experts to help executives’ focus on their business priorities, enable the unleashing of the hidden potentials in leaders as well as their teams.  In addition to providing HR advisory services, we believe that investment in individual coaching will be a key to the ongoing success of the leaders of the company and the organization.

Please make an enquiry to find out more and speak to a senior member of our team.


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