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Compliance Health Checks:


There are moments in the authorized firm’s life where it is important to take stock and understand whether its compliance function and culture are aligned with regulatory requirements and/or best practices. This can be prompted by new product development initiatives, geographical expansion plans or new services, but it can also be a very effective mechanism to understand and deal with compliance failures, higher employee attrition and general control weaknesses. The provision of targeted assurance exercises can also be pertinent in the context of managing the interface with regulators.

We undertake reviews of your business and provide an objective analysis of its state of compliance in relation to regulatory requirements and risk appetite. The scope and depth of the health check can be customized to the firm’s needs. We can provide you with a health-check covering key regulatory policies, procedures and controls you have in place to mitigate regulatory risk, or target assurance where a specific control weakness has already been identified internally, or by the regulator.

Please make an enquiry to find out more and speak to a senior member of our team.

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